About She

She is a free spirit passionate about handmade business, happiness & meaning and content marketing.

She, Antoniya, or as she loves to be called – Tonka – is a girl who never felt regular. Born in Bulgaria, she set of to discover the world by studying in the Netherlands where it all changed.

Now, she lives in sunny Izmir, on the Aegean coast of Turkey with dogs, cats, husband, bats and many adventures.

Her labor of love is pErix – the brand that helps you be an earth Superhero! It all started when she was 13 and started making her own jewelry. She never went back, and will die before giving up on creativity.

Very soon she ralized that she is great at helping other makers be successful.

Now she helps makers open a successful Etsy shop.

Her labor of money is writing & content marketing. As a freelancer she helps conscious businesses reach their audience in a way they can be proud to share with their grandma. She used to hate marketing in univeristy, but only the part that tries to manipulate people. Now she knows there’s another type of marketing, Seth Godin style, helping people style. And she has gone crazy over it.

Her journey in life is to her inner self, through writing.

Hi, this is Tonka.

I’m a hustler.

This is my favorite song.

But I hustle with love.

I believe business can and needs to be kind, helpful, valuable, transparent, fun and conscious. We shouldn’t be forced to make the choice between eco-friendly and cheap, vegan and delicious. It should be ALL of the above, and I know it’s possible.

That’s why I focus on helping creative businesses. because there’s so much love in them already. But if you have an idea how to make the world a better place, I’m in.

You don’t need to have a business to do that though. All you need is LOVE.

And I’m giving you all of mine through the happiness through writing project. I’m sharing because I’m caring… Like a care bear, yes.

Whatever I learn about life’s meaning and purpose, and living it joyfully, you’ll get too.

Hustle with love, but don’t be hustled.

Talk soon,


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