Can Mindfulness Help With Anxiety?

For me, anxiety is fear of everything. It’s fear of life. Which means the lack of love. Love for oneself. That’s why it’s so scary. It’s scary to live it, but it’s also scary to see it in the people you love. Because there’s nothing you can do. No matter how much love you give, the love they need must come from within.

A recent, widely shared study, found out that meditation has the same effect on anxiety as medication. Other surprising results show that turmeric can have positive effect of anxiety as well. As a meditation and mindfulness junkie like Minty, that’s awesome….ready to mediate the hell out of everything!

But wait, I don’t have anxiety or depression (or at least I think so in my blissful ignorance) so I don’t have any trouble being mindful or meditating…

….what about the folks who actually have a mind that moves at the speed of light and actually need help with anxiety?

The Viscous Circle of Mindfulness

The truth is that if you’re anxious, it’s near impossible to practice meditation. Yeah, I guess, I might sit still for 30 minutes, but my mind will go to Paris and back.

The think with anxiety is that it takes over the mind in a way that many times doesn’t reflect on the body. You might think that she’s okay, but do you really know the epic melodramas and horror stories that play in her mind?

That’s why anxiety is such a bitch.

On the outside, it might look like your best friend is meditating with a smile, but on the inside….well, I don’t want to enter that door. It is scary there. It’s full of fear.

So, not being able to meditate, or even focus and think straight, isn’t going to help with anxiety.

There is something that might.

I’m not sure about it, so don’t be slapping me with “no, that doesn’t work” in the comments. I’ve tried it in moments when I feel anxious (because we all do now and then) and it has worked for me. I hope it can give those with serious anxiety disorders a little island of peace and quiet.

How to Practice Mindfulness That Might Help With Anxiety

Here, it’s simple:

What is mindfulness?

being mindful of things.

meaning, noticing things, right?

being there for it.

To help reduce your anxiety, you might want to try my technique:

Be mindful of everything you do. Notice what you’re doing, even say it out loud.

For example, “I know the answers of all possible questions for that test. I’m reading them now and I know them by heart” OR “I’m turning off the stove now, it’s off.”

That’s it, I don’t have a HUGE mind-blowing breakthrough. That’s all I do and it helps me.

The more things you take note of in your day, the less the anxiety about them. I know worrying about leaving the iron on is just small part of anxiety disorders, but in my world every small win is a huge success.

What are you doing right now, that you might want to remember later, for a more peaceful mind?

Acknowledge it. Say it. Remember it. Write it down if it helps. Don’t let your mind trick you. You’re the boss, girl.

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