What is Happiness — A TED Talk by Dan Gilbert

Photo credit: Kalen Emsley

This is one of my all time favorite TED talks by Dan Gilbert who explains

What Is Happiness


I truly love this video and I strongly recommend you to watch it carefully..

I like it because it explains what is happiness in a way that actually gives it very little importance

In his talk, Mr Gilbert explains that events in our lives are not defining happiness but perception is.

He gives very strong examples of what is happiness and how people talk about it.

I really like the example of where a person spent all of their lives in prison and stated that this has been the time of their lives.

Our brains just make us think that something defines happiness

In reality YOU are the one who can decide what is happiness and choose to be happy or not about something…

It’s all in the attitude, but hey, don’t believe me, listen to the scientist…

Now, I don’t want you to get confused — the moment of experiencing happiness from passing an exam is very real as well as is the moment of disappointment when we fail…

But even the most horrible situation, the most terrifying experience in the world can not define your happiness..

You are the one who chooses if you are happy or not with a certain situation — you OWN your happiness…

YOU tell it to come and GO by relating certain concepts and situations to it…

And I would like to finish this post on EMPOWERMENT with a Shakespeare quote:

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.

What is happiness?

Your decision if something is good or bad for you.

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