Photo credit: Anton Repponen

Tiny Buddha is one of the first places where I found a the kind of compassionate and unconditional love that I needed to understand life and move forward despite all the darkness.

Reading the blog, meeting so many people through their stories, and finally publishing my very own dear story there, has been a part of my journey to mindfulness, meaning and happiness.

Lori, the beautiful soul behind Tiny Buddha is a light in so many people’s lives. She is a creative on a mission to make the world a better place, and I deeply respect and admire everything she does. Books, courses, articles, inspiration and so much more she is giving to the world….

She definitely hustles with love…

That’s why when I received an email asking past contributors to share the new Tiny Buddha short film however we found fit, I was not only doing a happy dance but I was honored beyond words.

The film holds a powerful message for all of us. Without further delay, here it is….To many more, Lori, to many more!

It’s here: Tiny Buddha Productions’ first short film, All by Myselfie!

We’re a lot more similar than we think, and we’re never alone.

Please share if you enjoy, and let us know what you think! #AllByMyselfie

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