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When I first opened my Etsy shop in 2011, my biggest struggle was making my first sale.

As time passed and this miracle happened for whatever reason, I encountered a second, even more challenging struggle: making regular sales.

While making your first sale leads to a happy dance and is an important validation, it’s not what really matters.

Because, honestly, almost everyone can make one sale.

The real deal is knowing that each day, each week, each month, you’ll be able to generate a certain amount of income from your Etsy shop. Because, this is what transforms it from an experiment and money-making hobby into a real business.

In this article, you’ll get 3 bulletproof tactics for making regular sales on Etsy and overall, increasing sales for your Etsy shop. They have been tested successfully either by me or by my superstar students and when used diligently and consistently will turn the occasional Etsy sales into a reliable stream of income for you.

If you’re not there yet and you’re thinking

Consistent sales? Girl, I haven’t even sold one Christmas ornament!

I’ve got you covered. Here you can find a mini-course on the first struggle I mentioned: starting a successful Etsy shop and making your first sale.

And now, let’s get the lattes and cookies ready and dig in those tactics…

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Don’t Do it All Alone

Have you ever been contacted by a “blogger” on Etsy asking for free items in return for exposure?

Well, if this blogger is a real influencer, I’d say GO for it!

Influencer marketing is one of the newest and most lucrative ways to get your brand in front of shoppers in your niche.

It basically works like that:

  1. You find a blogger or social media influencer that has the practice of promoting products similar to yours and has a big follower base (at least 10K).
  2. You negotiate a deal – most of the time you’ll need to send your items for free and also provide a payment for their services (yes, bloggers are people too, and they need to get paid for their services. Just see this as a marketing or advertising expense!).
  3. You run the promotion, feature of giveaway and analyse results.

It’s crucial to find influencers that are already promoting other brands to an audience that would be interested in your product. No point in promoting baby toys to a beauty and fashion audience, right?

In this video I talk about the criteria I use when evaluating opportunities. It’s mostly about how to not get scammed by “fake” bloggers and influencers but it also gives you my blueprint for finding the right ones.

Do not underestimate the power of influencer marketing and running giveaways! I know brands that have grown especially and only through this strategy because it puts them in front of people who already care about what they have to sell.

It’s great to rely on the 200 million people who already come to Etsy every month, but how about bringing in your own crowd that comes to your shop directly and not to Etsy as a whole to window-shop? One way to get people to your shop is by collaborating with influencers who already have a huge audience that would be interested in your products.

The key here is to create an influencer calendar so that every month you appear on someone’s Instagram account, on someone’s blog, in a YouTube video or Facebook live.


Well, people usually follow more than one influencer in a niche! If they follow 3-5 bloggers to get baby gear ideas and you collaborate with all of them, new mamas might not buy from you the first time you’re featured but as they start seeing your products everywhere they’ll feel more and more compelled to buy from you. They’ll also trust and remember your brand more as they see different people they follow and already like promoting you.

Influencer marketing increases brand awareness and with increased brand awareness you start occupying a space in your ideal customers’ minds so when the time to buy comes, they can’t think of anyone else but you.

This is a great way to keep sales consistent in low season by exploring new audiences for your shop!

Do the Work For the Lazy Customers

If you haven’t reached that 1 sale per 100 visits ratio, this tip is for you. 

Here’s the truth: many times, people don’t buy because they’re lazy.

Yes, they’re lazy to message you and ask a question about a product so they just move on and you’ve missed a sale you could have made.

Adding details about your products in the product description is invaluable when dealing with lazy customers (and aren’t we all a bit lazy these days?). The shorter the time from loving your product to actually being able to purchase it, the bigger the likelihood of a purchase.

Let me give you an example: in my second shop I offer flasks that are a great fit for flowery bridesmaids. I received a message asking about customization possibilities with a name and date. I responded promptly in less than 12 hours but the bride to be replied that she has already ordered from another seller.

What could have happened if I had included the information regarding customization in the description? She might have just ordered from me without the need to message me!

Try to answer all possible questions and add as many details as possible in your description. Don’t forget to format descriptions in short paragraphs so they’re easy to read and navigate as well.

Another thing you can do is make sure you add attributes to your listings. Etsy uses the colors, occasions, etc. to rank your listing. If someone is looking for a specific holiday product and you have the holiday listed in your product attributes, you’re much more likely to get buyer’s eyes on it…

And you know what I say…more visits = more sales.

The Coke Bottle Tactic

If you’re getting enough traffic, and still not making the sales you think you should be making, how can you get people to buy?

One way is to follow the example of big brands:

Take Coca-Cola, for example. They have the Coke in a 250 ml bottle, 500 ml bottle, 1 lt, 1.5 lt, and here in Turkey, in 2.5 lt bottles.

Something for everyone.

If they only had the 250 ml bottle, sales would be less consistent than they’re now because they’d be serving one small segment of their target market: people who want a Coke on the go.

They’d be totally ignoring the people who need a big bottle for their party or those who want to put one in the fridge to drink later.

Not that I like Coke anyway, but you know…

One of the best strategies for getting consistent sales is offering different price points.

And here is why:

Imagine someone comes to your shop and loves your patchwork baby blanket but they can’t afford it. They love your work and are looking for a way to say that, to make a statement with the product they buy. If you only offer baby blankets which are in the same price range, you’ve gained a fan but you’ve lost a sale.

In my 6-year experience as a digital marketer I’ve learned that if you want to create a money-making machine and have consistent sales in your shop you need..

20% of products with above average prices

50% of products with average prices for your niche

30% of products with prices below average prices

You can’t have all products priced $20 and expect those will keep selling. Some people are looking for something special and know that they want to spend at least $100 on a gift. Some people are looking for a quick pick up after a hard day at work and want a $10 charm bracelet.

Serving all those segments of your target market increases your chances of making a sale and gaining loyal customers who translate in consistent sales.

BONUS tactic for this holiday season: make gift giving easy

The funny truth is that most people come on Etsy to look at beautiful pictures but to buy gifts.

Especially in high season (September through January) there are many people on the hunt for gifts, and yes, many are Christmas gifts but many are not.

In this high shopping season you have a chance to not only get a bunch of sales but bring in consistent income throughout these fall and winter months.


By positioning your products as gifts or even creating real gift sets as in some of your favorite brick-and-mortar stores!

Make someone’s life easier by creating mom, sister, brother, nephew, son, hostess, or even neighbour gift sets, giving them a gift wrap and sending them with a nice card.

Now, this is even easier with Etsy’s new gift wrap feature! You can easily offer a gift wrap for a little extra charge and make customers LOVE you by saving them the trouble of packing Christmas gifts.

Neat, right?

Just go to your shop dashboard, choose Shop Settings -> Shop Options and you’ll be able to set this up in no time.

There you have it–3 tested tactics for transforming your Etsy shop from the occasional reason for a happy dance to a real business with predictable income you and your family can count on.

But that’s not all!!

I have 16 more tactics that will help you turn the occasional “cha-ching” into a reliable source of income! Want them?

Download the full PDF guide here.

Now, it’s your turn:

Go to the comment section and tell me:

  1. Which one of these tactics are you going to use this holiday season?
  2. Which tactic have you applied already (listed here or not) in your shop and seen a real difference in your sales’ consistency?

Looking forward to reading all of your comments!

Want more tactics to turn your shop into a success?

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