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When it comes to marketing your shop on Etsy, what can you do?

The possibilities are endless–from blogging, to telling stories with your photos and pay per click ads–and overwhelming. For a shop owner who’s just starting out or hasn’t had much exposure yet, it might be a bit of a challenge to decide where to focus her efforts, what works, and what to test out.

This super short and practical guide will show you where to start, and what exactly to do, before you move on to the advanced marketing stuff.

Let’s start with the basics… I’m not going in-depth on those here because I could write 3 separate blog posts on each one (and I will, very soon!).

The two main things you can do to increase sales are:

#1 Have outstanding photos (still working on that myself)

#2 Have the right keywords in your tags, descriptions & titles

Okay, let’s assume that you have those two covered. What else can you do on Etsy to market your shop?

Well, many will say that this is enough, including Etsy itself. Admins will always stress on the fact that you need to market your shop OUT of Etsy. And of course, that’s understandable. Their goal is to bring more people to Etsy. If you attract your fans to the site, you’re doing their work for them.

But, with 200 million monthly visits (guilty of hundreds of them myself) I think it’s pretty clear that you can jump start a business by just marketing to the people who already come to shop on Etsy every day.

I present to you….The six easiest & coolest ways to market your shop on Etsy!


It might seem like a no brainer, but you’ll be surprised how many people start with only a few items and expect things to move.

The more items in your shop…

….the bigger chance to find customers.

….the more items from your shop show in search.

….the bigger chance to catch an unexpected trend.

….the more choice for customers.

First, Etsy’s algorithm favours shops with more items. It proportionally pulls items from each shop that match search criteria so the more items you have for pearl earrings, for example, the better for your search results. This doesn’t mean to copy and paste the same listing, but to offer a bigger variety.

Second, how would you feel if you enter a brick-n-mortar jewelry store selling just two necklaces? It would feel a bit off, right? Well, the same goes for Etsy shoppers–when they see a full shop, they’re more likely to trust you and buy from you.


We can go on and on about backlinks.

But I’ll give you the quick and dirty here: on Etsy, and for the sake of this article, backlinks are links to your shop pages from your description.

They look something like that:

Backlinks are a great way to increase the chances of a customer buying from you (and you thought marketing is just about social media, huh?).

I think what it’s important to remember is that you’re responsible for offering MORE to your customers. Have different color? Have different size? Have a set? Or a matching piece? Link to this page in your shop from the description of another item. Or simply, link back to your shop as I do.

This helps shoppers buy more & it helps your shop ranking as well 😉


Etsy trends are a tricky thing and we all try our best (or should be trying!) to get featured. Apart from awesome exposure and free promotion, being trendy secures a lot of sales. Following trends is how many people shop on Etsy!

There are a two tactics I love using to increase my chances of getting featured:

#1 Sign up for all of Etsy’s newsletters for buyers and research! Is there a color or animal that’s trending? What would it take to add it to your line of products?

#2 Check Etsy trends on the site weekly! Research for trends that are close to your niche and use the exact name of the trend in your tags and title. Buyers are much more likely to search for trending phrases!

Shop Updates

Are shop updates worth it?


Let’s be honest–we have the attention span of fish these days. Even if we LOVE an item, we’re most likely to forget about it by payday.

They’re an awesome way to remind your followers about the item or shop they favorited. You can showcase your products in use or share customer generated photos. This is a great way to inspire your followers to come back and buy from you. Especially around the holidays, when everyone’s looking to buy, shop updates can be a powerful too to remind people about your shop.

Shop updates only make sense if you have a lot of followers. I have a little more than 1,300 and that’s not hard to get to if you’re active in teams and follow buyers and sellers yourself.

About page

In my experience, Etsy customers aren’t big readers. They barely read descriptions if they’re above the 5-grade level.

Then why bother crafting a great story in your About page? Well, Etsy has officially announced that to be chosen for a feature on their blog or in newsletters you need to have a fully branded shop, including a filled out About page.

And trust me, getting featured on Etsy blog or newsletter will sky-rocket your Etsy popularity. Just a newsletter feature might bring you up to 1,000 views in the day of the email! For some that might not be a lot, but it sounds pretty awesome to me.

Etsy is looking for inspiring sellers, why not show them that you are one?

Etsy teams

Some Etsy sellers might disagree, but for me, Etsy teams have been an invaluable resource for marketing, learning & support. I love the Etsy community and it offers great ways to make your shop more popular.

No matter if you choose to connect and engage with other sellers or play favathons, don’t forget that some of the biggest buyers on Etsy are…. Etsy sellers.

Three teams I love and I engage with every day are

Shop Favorites & Followers

Etsy Success


That’s it! Your six ways to market your shop ON Etsy.

Some of you might ask

Well, what about advertising? What about Google ads & Etsy shop ads? Aren’t they a great way to gain exposure for your shop?

To answer this question, I did an experiment with my own shop. I used Google ads through the Etsy dashboard for a month.

I have some insightful and surprising results to share with you…

I’ll do that tomorrow, in my Future Etsy Superstars Facebook community. It’s free and fun, so come join here! You’ll get all the personalized support you need to feel confident that you know what you’re doing when you sell on Etsy.

If you can’t wait to learn how I can help YOU specifically, check this out.

And when you’ve done all of this, and you still feel you can grow, what’s next? And I’m doing a second experiment for us to learn from with Etsy native ads. Stay tuned for the best ways to market your shop OFF Etsy.


    1. Glad you feel inspired Beverly! Remember to take it one step at a time to avoid the overwhelm and be able to track progress. I’d start with one tactic, like shop updates and keep consistent for a month to be able to track results. Keep creating, T.

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