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This week we’re talking Marketing OFF Etsy in the Etsy Superstar Community.

One of the tips for Etsy marketing I hear often is to start a blog.

Have you heard that one?

Start a blog to promote your shop!

Thanks for the tip, but no thanks!

If you’re trying to market your Etsy shop, please, for the love of handmade DON’T start another blog!

Here’s why:

  1. There are 152 million blogs on the Internet. Google it, I’m not kidding! The competition is fierce.
  2. It’s a full time job if you’re gonna do it right…. Ask any blogger!
  3. Starting and growing a blog until it can matter for a business takes…
    – years of hard work;
    – writing, writing, writing, every week for many months before you see a few hundred visitors to your blog (in comparison, has 220 million visitors per month, good luck beating that!);
    – dedication and commitment;
    – technical skills;
    – time you don’t have!

Because you want marketing exposure for your shop NOW, right? Not in three years!

So, please, unless you are ready for this commitment,

Don’t Waste Your Time Starting A Blog

with the sole purpose of marketing your Etsy shop. If you want to do it anyway, and are ready to commit, go for it.

But there’s a much faster and easier way to leverage the power of blogging for your Etsy shop’s marketing, and I’m going to share it with you right now…

Blogging For Etsy Marketing

Here’s an idea:

Why not do what you’re already doing on Etsy? Leverage the audience others have.

In terms of blogging this means getting featured on blogs!

This might be a blog post about your brand, review of your product, giveaway, or even feature in a seasonal guide!

How to do it:

  1. Search for blogs in your niche on Google.

Example searches:

“home decor blog + feature” | “sustainable fashion blog + review”

  1. Find out if they feature artists (usually in the contact section) & how they do it. Do you need to send a product for a review or contact them first?
  1. Check what their monthly traffic is via SimilarWeb

For your first features, don’t target the MOST popular blogs. Rather, look for blogs that have at least 10,000 monthly visitors.

If you have an established brand and strong social media presence, go for blogs with more than 50,000 monthly visits.

  1. Now comes the work! Before you ask for a feature, you need to engage with the blog!
  • Share a few of their posts on social media
  • Follow the blog on social media, or even subscribe to their email list (this might also help you discover what content they share so you can tailor your pitch to their style when the time comes)
  • Comment on their articles
  • Repeat for a few weeks
  1. Get in touch with the blog! Email them something like:

Hi, [blogger name],

Your blog is so inspiring! I feel that we need more and more people like you spreading the message 🙂 I’m a sustainable fashion designer myself, and take the cause very seriously.

I’ve read your articles and product reviews and I love your casual & approachable style. Do you think your audience might be interested in learning more about [your product]? I’ve seen great response from the Etsy community and am looking for wats to share sustainable fashion with more people.

Here’s a link to my shop:

and my Instagram

What would you need from me for a review on the blog? Or do you have any other collaboration ideas?

Best wishes,

[Your name]

Feel free to get inspired…

You can usually get the name and email of the blogger right in the “Contact” section, but if you can’t, do a little digging on social media and it will come up.

  1. Wait a few days & send a reminder email if you don’t get any reply within a week.
  1. Repeat with at least ten blogs. The reply rate you’ll get depends on your relationship with the blogger & their availability, but might be as low as 30% (to increase it, invest more in building the relationship first!).
  1. Work with the blogger to craft your feature!

That’s it! You’re featured 🙂


Sometimes the blogger will have

Submission Guidelines

Review Guidelines


Check those out first to not waste time and efforts..

I’ve gotten my jewelry on a few blogs in this way. Now that I’ve grown bigger, I’m more confident to try bigger sustainable fashion blogs.

I’ve contacted five for reviews & features and I’m going to advertise on two. I’ll share the results with you as soon as I have them!

Now, it’s your turn! How have you used the power of blogging to promote your Etsy shop?