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I admit it… I had a problem.

A while ago I caught myself scrolling through Instagram posts while watching my favorite TV show and talking to my mom on Skype.

Have you felt like you’re trying to do too many things at the same time, but nothing really gets your attention?

For me, this habit used to create a feeling of anxiety and frustration often during my days.

I wished for guidance and peace.

As the universe usually works, I got it in the most unusual way–through an online retreat!

The Twilight Challenge that blew my mind and made me switch off Netflix (no, it has nothing to do with the Twilight TV show) was part of this retreat.

The Twilight Challenge

Before I tell you about this amazing online retreat, let me give you the juice behind the challenge.

The Twilight Challenge is just one of the audio experiences from the Fall in Love with Life online retreat. It is pretty straightforward – it requires you to go out and watch a whole sunset or sunrise from start to end.

Sounds simple? Think again, sister!

I spent challenging, liberating, heart-opening, tear-dropping 40 minutes watching the sun set over the hills of Izmir.

I went into it without expecting much, but after I’d finished I couldn’t stop asking myself “Why the hell don’t we, people, do this more often???”

And this comes from me – a wannabe spiritual gal that practices yoga, meditates, tries to live in harmony with nature, protects and serves wherever she can… Being close to nature, appreciating life and honoring the gifts of the Universe are not new things to me!

But I’d never experienced such empathy for the trees in my garden or such awe for the majestic solar system.

I was literally mind-blown!

I won’t lie to you – it took some getting used to. A sunset takes longer than you think!

At first, my mind was telling me about all the things I could be doing from watching my favorite Netflix show to editing product descriptions in my Etsy shop. I got reminded of the bill waiting to be paid and of a friend who I’d not seen in more than 10 years.

But as I went through the audio experience I started noticing the changing colors of the sky. I took note of all the other living creatures that were sharing this experience with me. I started realizing the size and scale of our planet and the Sun. I began feeling overwhelming gratitude that I’m given the awareness to appreciate it all.

Most of all, I felt deep empathy for the trees and other plants in my garden.

I guess they felt sorry for me as they watched me there. For them, seeing this sunset was a daily experience, and there I was – sitting with a dummy smile and gently trying to feel every scent in the air, silly like a child.

When the sun finally set, as it was rising on the other side of the Earth, I felt like I didn’t need to turn on Netflix and watch an episode of Gotham tonight. I knew my shop will be there, waiting to be edited tomorrow and I chose to spend some time with my cat.

I stayed with this calm until I went to sleep that night and woke up with the same peaceful mind, looking forward to another day.

I felt like I knew how to solve my problem now – I just needed to consciously choose to stop and be persistent enough to reach the place of calm we are all looking for.

The online retreat I participated in has more than eight audio experiences that took me into different directions, but this one will remain my favorite (well, maybe it shares a space in my heart only with the Seeing Like an Artist one).

It’s hard to pick a favorite in fact – the whole retreat is really an eye- and heart-opening journey. It starts gently, without overwhelming you, but by the time you are half-way, you can’t help but feel differently about the world!

Fall in Love with Life

You know that I’m not usually the one to promote books, products or even people… I share my own inner journey in hope that you might find inspiration to live your happiness.

To call the Fall in Love with Life retreat a product just doesn’t reflect its essence. It is rather a process of opening up to what life has to offer.

And, if we want to get anywhere at all, it’s always faster with a working blueprint.

I don’t know what is the blueprint to happiness yet. But I know that for me, Fall in Love with Life is a blueprint for mindfulness, honoring nature, appreciating life, living fully and never feeling lonely or abandoned.

In short, Fall in Love with Life, is an 8-week online retreat created by the inspiring author Heather Chase (a long-time advocate for cruelty-free living). In the retreat she teaches techniques, insights and perspectives that have helped her live a miraculous life, feel peace and joy, and cultivate compassion and loving kindness in her own life.

Each week I received:

  • A letter from Heather
  • A video in which she shares an important concept, insight or idea
  • And at least one audio experience to apply these new perspectives.

I gotta tell ya – I loved it!

And while I couldn’t wait for the next lesson to come, I was glad I had a week to reflect on what I’ve seen and heard.

I was thrilled that I can download all the audios and listen to them in the peacefulness of nature. It made all the difference for me!

I’m going to be honest… I needed to go back to most of the audio experiences again and again, to fully feel I’ve opened up. Some became my habit, and some I adapted to my life – like walking in nature and trying to imagine what it would be to live life as a tree or a squirrel!

I truly feel that I’ve unsealed my miraculous life….

It has been an amazing experience for me and I just had to share it with you!

The Fall in Love with Life retreat is available here to everyone, and if you decide to take it, please do share your own experience in the comments! I can’t wait to read them!

p.s. As an advocate of transparency, I want you to know that all the links to Fall in Love with Life ’s page are affiliate links, i.e. if you join, I’ll get paid. But I couldn’t keep this retreat from you even if I wouldn’t be getting anything out of it.




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