Are we victims to consumerism, in our strive for happiness?

Are we trying to accumulate more and more happiness, just as we try to accumulate more and more possessions?

Is happiness just another trophy to put over the fireplace? Together with our trophy moose heads and trophy wives?

I’m happy.

It sounds so egoistic, so selfish, so entitled. Lately, this statement has changed meaning to I’m better than you. I’ve got it all figured out.

And you, you who hate your job, fight with your boyfriend, shout at your friend, break glass, and can’t handle it all, you, you should feel inferior, because you ain’t happy.

Has it come to that point, the point at which happiness has turned into a commodity? Into a badge we proudly display and a wreath that we hang on our front doors and light up with Christmas lights for everyone to see?

It’s kind of disgusting. I feel like puking. Seriously.

I know a rant isn’t the usual post you’d read here. But I think it’s high time.

We’ve ruined it. We’ve ruined happiness. That’s it.

Now, happiness is just something else we have or we don’t have. Like a boyfriend, like kids, like a car, like an iPhone, like designer shoes or vacations in Asia. It almost seems like we’re afraid to admit that we don’t belong to the super happy club of chosen individuals.

We’ve twisted happiness to fit our consumerist aspirations of owning, of ticking another box on our bucket list.

You know what? I choose not to see happiness as something you have or not have. The pressure is strong, but I’ll try my best.

I refuse to see it as an achievement.

Happiness is like oxygen.

It’s there for the taking, for everyone.

As soon as you breath in, you get it. You get the oxygen. It ain’t no achievement because everyone can breath in and take some.

It’s like that with happiness. It’s not the achievement of certain state or goal. It’s there for the taking. We just need to breath it in, accept it, feel it, taste it, smell it, embrace it.

And that’s not the vacations-in-Asia kind of happiness I’m talking about. Holidays bring joy, excitement, adventure, that’s nice, but different.

Happiness is the state of seeing the world as a blessing.

The I get to do/see/try that instead of I’ve got the right to do/see/try that.

But instead, we say I deserve to be happy.

What does this even mean? Did you win a contest or something?

Happiness is not something you get for good behaviour. It’s something you have, if you choose to. Because it’s inside of you.

But we’ve done it again.

We’ve turned something intrinsic and beautiful into a consumerist attempt at owning.

Like love. Put a ring on it you know, because a piece of gazillion years old coal definitely proves that you love someone.

As much as family photos from Indonesia prove that we’re happy.

We’ve ruined happiness. That’s final. There’s no going back. The avalanche of show-off selfies proves it. Will it only get worse from here?

I’m afraid to think what’s next on the list of things we, people, are going to completely corrupt and ruin.

I don’t want to waste happiness. So let’s not pretend we’re the only ones that have it.

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