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When I first started my Etsy shop, back in 2011, I naively thought that I’ll just list some products on Etsy and $$ will start rolling in my bank account.

Boy, was I wrong… Even back then, with much fewer competitors, you couldn’t get sales without marketing your shop.

And now, girl, is 2017. Everyone is a marketing guru. Everyone who is crafty opens an Etsy shop. So, to turn an Etsy shop into a business (and start making consistent sales) you need to outperform the competition. You need to be seen and heard. And there’s only one way to do that: marketing.

Not Marketing Your Etsy Shop Turns It Into a Hobby

Every business has a marketing department or at least a person who is responsible for marketing. Without marketing, nobody knows you’re creating amazing things.

There’s no business without marketing.

But I get it that if you’re not a business major like me, you might wonder what marketing your shop really means.

Well, we can go on forever. But you’re not an Etsy seller to learn marketing, right?

So, I decided to help you start marketing your shop without becoming a marketing expert.

Yes, it’s possible!

With a simple bare minimum checklist…

I’m sharing with you my weekly checklist for marketing my Etsy shop. It takes just a few hours but makes a huge difference! And when you’re consistent and do that every week, sales will start becoming consistent as well.

Weekly Etsy Marketing Checklist

  1. Renew expired listings.
  2. Renew a few listings that are not expired yet.
  3. Play a FAVATHON & CLICKATHON game in a team with the renewed items.
  4. Look through Etsy’s marketing emails and find new keywords, styles, and colors that are popular and match your shop to use in titles and tags.
  5. Update the tags of a few items that match the trends.
  6. Check your stats: review the titles and tags of your most popular items. Is there something you can add or remove?
  7. Favorite & follow a few Etsy sellers you like, they’ll follow back.
  8. Take a minute to see what your competitors are doing: get inspired for new products, tags, keywords and photo looks.
  9. Schedule your weekly social media posts. I use Buffer.
  10. Comment and engage in Facebook groups & Pinterest group boards related to your niche. (20 mins., don’t spend hours on this!)

Optional: create one piece of your content your customers will love (instructional video, DIY tutorial, mood board, etc.) and fit it in your social media promotion schedule.

That’s it! Not a biggie, is it?

But, trust me, if you do those regularly, every week, you’ll see a HUGE difference in your stats and sales in less than a month.

As Turkish people say…

Action is abundance.

So, did you like that? Will you use it? Let me know, share and if you’re finding it useful I’m going to share my daily and monthly Etsy marketing checklists as well.


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